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Safety professionals exist in all sorts of industries. And every single one of them has a unique career, a unique set of challenges, and a unique story. Want to learn from them?

In this introductory episode, Rita Richa, Producer at Sweet Fish Media speaks with one of the hosts of the show, Jacqueline Turlukis, HSE Advisor at Safety Services Company, about:

- Jacqueline’s role at Safety Services Company

- Why the Safety Services Company decided to start a podcast

- What you can expect to hear in future episodes

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You're listening to the Safety Management Show, where safety professional share engaging stories about their time in the trenches and the hard earned lessons they've learned along the way. Let's dig in. Hello and welcome to the introductory episode of the Safety Management Show. My name is Rita and I'm one of the producers of the show. We're here today with Jacqueline Ter Lucas, HSC advisor at Safety Services Company. How's it going today? It's going great. It's another warm day here in Arizona. Awesome. It's pretty warm here in Florida to so it looks like we're on the same weather wave length. Yes, definitely. So, to give everyone a bit more context, today we will be talking about what you, the listener, can expect to hear from the podcast. But before we jump into that, Jacqueline, tell us a little bit about yourself and the work that you're doing at Safety Services Company. Thank you, Rita. So I'm a HSC advisor. So I help companies develop safety programs.

Safety Services Company, where complete safety training and compliance solution provider. Pretty much, it's a fancy way to say that we help companies create implement safety programs for their company. In my role I talked with companies is roughly fifty two, five hundred employees where they're likely to have safety professionals in house, but maybe they need a little help with some aspects of their safety program so I help them implement training things of that nature. So why did the team at Safety Services Company decide to start the podcast? You know, that's a really good question and it's one that I had when I heard about it. So, you know, we decided. People in in our company talk with hundreds of safety professionals every day and there's so many stories behind the scenes that we hear about people's careers, their challenges, what life on the job is, what it's like out in the fields, and we deal with all different industries right. So I field is different for everyone and as entertaining as many of them are, you know, everyone has a learning or a lesson behind it,...

...a tip, you know. So the idea of the podcast is to give up platform to hear those stories and hopefully we can help listeners find at least one valuable little nugget out of it that they can implement in their program speaking of Valuable Nuggets, I'm sure there's a lot to discuss and learn from. What are some things that listeners can expect to hear when they listen to each episode? So this is a really cool part. Each episode will feature a different guest from different industries. I think it's important to hear the stories and get the point of view from somebody that's not in your particular industry. You know, sometimes you hear something you know over and over a million times, it said the same way, but when you hear it freeze differently or view it in a different light, all of a sudden, you know, that little lightbulb clicks and the dots connect, and that's the type of show we're trying to create. Yes, that's awesome. Definitely, when you start a podcast, it is important to make sure that your content is engaging and does have different perspectives, because our listeners were probably have different perspectives as well,...

...and they might also know of some guests that could potentially be on the show or have episode topic ideas. So how can they connect with you in case they have these episode ideas or people that you should feature on the show? Oh, for the PODCAST. So that's great. We're always looking for new people and, you know, from different industry. So that would be really amazing. If people could help us out and make suggestions, they can reach out to us at marketing at Safety Services COMPANYCOM. We're looking for unique points of view or someone that likes to think about things from a different angle. And what's really great is every person has stories and experiences that make their point of view unique. So that's what we're looking for and that will be why everyone should listen to the show, because that sounds really interesting, at least to me. So I think that wraps it up for our introductory episode. Thank you all so much for joining me today. I'm really excited to see the show grow and thank you for everyone listening in. Make sure to...

...come back and tune into episode one of the Safety Management Show. In need of a blueprint for workplace safety and compliance? Safety Services Company is North America's leading provider of safety training and compliance solutions. We supply custom safety manuals and policies and onsite and online training solutions that will enhance the safety of your workplace, and our compliance services will save you time and resources, guaranteeing peace of mind. With eighteen years in the industry, we have a proven track record of helping customers achieve better safety outcomes by providing customized solutions that fit the unique needs of each business. To learn more, head to safety services COMPANYCOM. Thanks for listening to the Safety Management Show. To hear more stories from safety leaders, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. If you enjoyed the show, leave us a rating. Until next time, stay safe,.

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