The Safety Management Show
The Safety Management Show

Episode 14 · 1 month ago

Revenue, Relationships, and SOPs - Being a Real EHS Leader w/ Todd Waldron


Companies that put more emphasis on production and the bottom line will still lose revenue because of employee safety incidents.

Having someone on board who’s passionate about EHS pays its own dividends.

In this episode, Todd Waldron, Environmental Health and Safety Supervisor at Comstock Resources, joins us for a lively conversation about being a truly effective EHS leader.

A combat vet and former Air Force firefighter, Todd has over a decade of industry experience and a highly-trained eye for risk assessment. His insights are spot-on.

We’ll discuss:

  • Establishing top-down safety procedures that actually get followed
  • Building internal relationships and trust to encourage compliance
  • Whether safety reward programs really work
  • Administratively crippling your workforce with overly detailed SOPs
  • Passing the torch

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